In an era marked by restlessness, heightened awareness, and a sense of isolation and uncertainty, we find ourselves grappling with an unusual question: how do we navigate when the familiar suddenly feels foreign?
A certain music, dance, and film project offers a glimpse into this unique time. A quartet of diverse creators converged amidst these testing circumstances, letting their collective creativity take the lead.
One of these creators was UGI, a bass player who's been involved in various bands and projects, and who has been releasing music under this name since 2019. Amid the quietude of Spring 2020, UGI crafted a piece of music that continued to echo long after its creation, a piece born in a world at a standstill.


Upon hearing this music, I was deeply moved. With my background in dance from Dance Academy Tilburg, I was excited to embody this music through my dancing. Rick Wiegerinck, a filmmaker and musician associated with Brix Media and Vana, stepped in to capture this fusion of sound and movement on film, bringing our unique collaboration to the screen.
The project was further enriched with the involvement of director Jennine Grootemarsink from the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Jennine's guidance and vision helped amplify and inspire the movement and imagery, effectively weaving all elements of the project together.
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